Colombian La Cabana
Colombian La Cabana

Grapefruit, tart cherry and cacao nibs.


A very wacky anaerobic natural, similar to the wonderful Colombian Tres Dragones - suits filter cafetiere best!

A family farm in El Agrado, Huila, focusing on quality and experimentation. La Cabaña is part of the Perez family business, Alma Del Huila. They are located in El Agrado, in the Huila department, in south west Colombia. Headed by Mr Gilberto Perez, it is his son, Danilo that took up the mantle to produce more experimental lots. As a son to farm and dry mill owning parents, he was born to coffee and has been involved from a very young age. He owns or oversees a number of farms and works closely with the team on the ground to ensure correct picking and sorting is undertaken.

The mountainous characteristics of Huila together with the climate are influenced by the Magdalena River and the two mountain ranges of the Andes, within which are several snowcapped volcanoes that provide the soil with mineral richness. The valleys of the river attract quality tropical air masses that come from the Caribbean. This combination provides spectacular conditions and unique microclimates that explain why the coffee of Huila is so delicious.

Colour standardized selection is used to select the cherries at correct maturation. Over-ripes, underripes and dried cherries are all removed by hand.

An anaerobic fermentation takes place for 200 hours in airtight plastic containers to ensure a homogenous fermentation has occurred throughout.

Coffee is then dried on a small patio and parabolic beds.

Process Anaerobic Natural
Altitude 1850m
Harvest May - June
Varietal Caturra