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Selection of 4 coffees with various origins, flavours and blends

Coffee Selection

Coffee Selection

If you like to try different coffees this could be for you. Every month we will select four different coffees for you.

These will mostly be medium roast. Some may come from our present webshop offerings, some will not. Your selection may contain some wet processed coffees, some dry processed, some fruity coffees, nutty, chocolaty etc. 

If you have a preference for dark roasts or medium let us know and we can try and give you your preferred roasts.  Also if you dislike a particular type of coffee  we'll try and avoid it.  Anne

Please note if you order this as a subscription, choosing "deliver every 4 weeks" will mean that eventually these 4 weeks fall within the same month, so you will receive the same selection, you can change your subscription to monthly within your account details, unfortunately we can't add it as an option on the drop down!



FROM 00:00hrs 

Brazil Monte Cristo

A typical Brazil with flavours of chocolate and nuts. Pulped natural process. Medium roast.    


Bolivian Cafe Femenino

Sweet, brown sugar, chocolate and citrus. Washed Process. Medium roast.


Ugandan Kiraro

Fruity with red berries and chocolate. Natural process. Medium roast.


Papua New Guinea Kongo

Chocolatey, rich, caramel. Washed process. Medium roast.

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