The Monsoon Boys are off to Sumatra

The Monsoon boys are off to the coffee farms of Sumatra! When we started our little coffee company we thought it would give us the opportunity to travel. Little did we know! Each year we seem busier than before and no time for travel to coffee farms. We decided, this year, to bite the bullet  when our importer asked us if we would like to tag along!

I will hold the fort with the help of some great friends and wonderful staff, the only problem is, we can't do the markets. I'll be at the roastery and also our web shop will be going for those emergency supplies. Apologies for any inconvenience but I'm sure you all appreciate how important it is for us to see first hand where our fab coffees come from and to meet some of the coffee farmers. I'm so  excited for them, anyone would think I was going!  It will be an amazing trip. They will visit several farms including the fabulous Wahana Estate (one of our current coffees). They will also visit a wild Luwak area where the famous 'Cat Poo' coffee comes from!  If it is truly wild we might get some for special gilfts at Christmas.

If you feel like a laugh have a look at this little video.  Following on from our Great Taste Top 50 we actually went to a celebration dinner in London.  Little did we know we were nominated for a Great Taste Golden Fork Award.  Totally bonkers evening and great fun! Watch our little video!

Have a great November and stay warm!
Anne and the gang!

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