The Chin Litaï Project

Ant & Bee Media @ 2021-04-14 19:27:10 +0100

We visited the London Coffee Festival this year and if you're into coffee you should visit this annual event at least once. We also paid a visit to our importers to hear about a new coffee project in Myanmar (Burma) that we are involved with (in a very small way)!

Priscilla, our lovely trader at DRW Coffee, explained some of the background. “A closed country that has spent half a century under oppressive military rule, Myanmar has finally come in from the cold. After liberating itself and democratically voting in the LND party and with it The Lady Aung San Suu Kyi, the region has opened its doors to the rest of the world, embracing free speech and global friendships with partners eager to help Burmese society prosper.”

“Like many developing nations, agriculture in Myanmar still plays a significant role in the economy, representing 38% of GDP and 25% of exports. Coffee – while not a substantial cash crop – is being cultivated across the country and represents a fantastic opportunity for young, entrepreneurial farmers. Ever mindful of the agroforestry and environment, coffee cultivation is seen as means of sustaining the local environment, along with the cultivation of elephant food (yam of all things!)”

DR Wakefield  (our importers) jumped at the chance to collaborate with Nat Coffee and their first visit to the Chin State region in the country. There, we’ve sought to help set up a new farmer-led co-operative in partnership with Chin Hill Ecosystem".

Watch this video of the project by Nathalie Manac'h to hear about the project.  Nathalie is the driving force behind the whole thing and she has involved other partners including our imprter DRWakefield. If you would like to follow the progress of this project check out our Facebook page

We cupped some coffees from Myanmar on this recent visit to our importers and although it's early days, some coffees showed great promise.  We also learned of a very young and enthusiastic group of coffee farmers who are keen to learn and want to grow and export some wonderful coffees. We have ordered a couple of sacks which should be here soon!  Very exciting times!  Maybe a trip for Monsoon to Myanmar one of these days!