Summer Is Here

Ant & Bee Media @ 2021-04-14 19:21:02 +0100

I can't believe it's been 3 months since our last post!  What it means, of course, is that we've been really busy here.

We've run out of some of our favouite coffees again this year.   It's hard for me to know how much to order sometimes as we're growing like the clappers!  I don't want to order too much of a new coffee incase we don't like it and sometimes if I get samples, by the time I go back to my importer to order, the lot has already been sold.  It can be a bit frustrating but it also makes the whole process fun too!   Always trying new coffees and trying to find something a little different is what keeps it fun.

Extra events so far this year have been:

WARWICK FOOD FESTIVAL  The first food fest for the town and it was a huge success.  The weather was good and the town was packed.  We sold out quite early and more importantly for us met lots of new customers.  

DAYLESFORD ORGANIC SUMMER FESTIVAL   Chris always enjoys himself at this lovely event. Beautiful surroundings and really well organised little market.  He said it was really lovely to see so many of our customers there too! It's just so lovely when our customers  turn out to support us.  This  was by invitation from the Great Taste Markets. 

BOX BROWNIE and BROTHERS MCLEOD   This was a lovely evening of drinks and chat hosted at Box Brownie  showcasing some fabulous art work by the talented  Brothers McLeod  The Canines and Coffee exhibition can still be viewed in the coffee shop featuring the star of the show HIPSTER HOUND! 

ALSCOT CHARITY CLAY SHOOT    As most of you know, our roastery is based on the beautiful Alscot Estate.  They are big supporters of local charity and this year held a  clay shoot  in support of  Stratford upon Avon Hospital. We were there making cups of coffee and tea.  It was good fun and although it poured rain all day spirits remained high!   A huge effort from everyone  raised over £26,000!

Cheers everyone and thanks for using us!

We really do appreciate it!

Anne Chris and Will