Our Coffee Bags

Ant & Bee Media @ 2021-04-14 18:21:05 +0100

Just a brief update on our compostable coffee bags.  It remains early days in the UK  with the compostability of PLA (the veg starch lining).  Technically the bags are compostable but only in a controlled environment so you have to check with your local authority to make sure their plants can process this material.  The jury is out on home composting.  Some say you can, some say not!  I have been talking to our local council, manufactures, compliance companies, scientists, bloggers who write articles on eco friendly products and anyone I can think of!  I cannot get a definitive answer.  What I suggest is , if in doubt, put the bags into your normal rubbish.  Please don't try and recycle as they are not designed for this.

The next generation of eco friendly coffee bags will probably be plastic which is recycled. Somehow that doesn't seem the right thing to me but the emphasis seems to be on re using so better than nothing!  Watch this space as I would love to get something better that works for us all!  If any of you know of any other products that might suit please get in touch!  Also for any direct sales, we are happy for you to bring your old bags or coffee containers and we will decant the coffee which means we can reuse our bags!