New Coffee

Ant & Bee Media @ 2021-04-14 19:16:24 +0100

Mexican Terruno Nayarita Reserva  - one of only 12 bags produced!  
Terruna Nayarita means 'from my land'.  This coffee is cultivated by a group of cooperative farmers close to the volcano cerro San Juan. It is grown at an average  altitude of 1000m in rich volcanic soil.  Beans are a mix of Caturra and Catuai  mostly shade grown and is a washed coffee. A little bit nutty with good acidity and Mr Monsoon assures me has a little citrus fruit too.  I think this is best in filter/cafetiere but he loves as espresso! Medium roasted, and although not the strongest coffee in the world, has a lovely flavour.

Swiss Water Decaf Brazilian - Great little coffee, slightly sweet and slightly chocolatey.  Here is a little from their web site!    

Brazilians consume a ridiculous amount of coffee – close to 20 million bags a year and growing – second only to the US. Fortunately for us, what they consume is mostly Conillon Robusta and lower-grade Arabica.

We recently upgraded the specs for our Decaf Brazils, now using only 17/18 Strictly Soft Fine Cup (SSFC). The 17/18 screen size has a far more consistent flavor without the pungent fruit notes that can turn up in smaller-bean Brazils (an indication of varying bean maturity). We have selected Cerrado for the region and cup profile – mild and sweet, great body – nice on its own, but also versatile in blends, as an espresso component, or for flavoring.

Swiss Water Decaf Premium Espresso Blend - This has a more complex flavour than the Brazil. See below for their description as I can't better it!

With our Premium Espresso Blend, you get coffee that shows balance, depth and Indo/Asia on bass, liveliness at a range of roasts. Brazil on rhythm guitar, washed Latins playing lead, and a dose of exotic naturals playing tambourine. The tasty result: chocolate and caramel flavors with a touch of natural fruit, just enough acidity to provide a balance of sparkle, and sweetness riding a long, smooth finish.

Pull shots with enough depth and sustaining crema you'll be surprised its decaf. Amaze your friends!

On the way we have some new harvests from Papua New Guinea, a new El Salvador Pacamara and fingers crossed that our beautiful Balmaadi Estates coffee from India is as good as I remember!