India - Day 6 & 7

Ant & Bee Media @ 2021-04-14 18:26:33 +0100

Day 6 - Our last day on the farm was a day of relaxation and sampling even more Indian delicacies. A late start, bit of fun with air rifle shooting coconuts and bagging samples to bring home.

Day 7 - 05.30am start for the long, adventurous, adrenaline filled drive back to Bangalore, stopped for a coffee in a highway stop. This was one of the "cool western style" cafes. Robusta coffee! Say no more and the cost for a local was about half a days pay for a double espresso! A thousand near misses later we arrived in Bangalore. We went to a cafe called "Third Wave Coffee" for an acceptable flat white, shame about the UHT milk! A bit of last minute shopping and a fantastic lunch, served on banana leaves and we were dropped off at the hotel for our last night in India.

It's been a fabulous trip, met some wonderful people and learnt more about the issues about growing, processing, selling and exporting coffee. We certainly hope to be working more with the Mooleh Manay estate in the future!