anne parker @ 2023-08-06 21:04:09 +0100
That time of the year again!
Great Taste Awards results are in.
As some of you know the GTA is the only foodie award we enter.  The reason for this is because our products are actually tasted by a series of foodie judges in blind tastings.  Most other awards are popularity contests where we have to get our customers to vote for us.  That's just not our thing (Anne here)!
We did really well this year and all the below were awarded.
Papua New Guinea Sigri
Costa Rican Hermosa Tarrazu
Guatemalan Huehuetenango
Vernal Vibe
Yirgacheffe Koke
Swiss Water Decaf Espresso Blend
Colombian Tres Dragones
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gagari
Ugandan Kalingwe
Rwandan Kinini