A few videos

Ant & Bee Media @ 2021-04-14 18:33:25 +0100

A few little videos that some people have made featuring us.
I just thought they deserved to be shared!
Hope you enjoy!

Our lovely friends Emily Barker and Lukas Drinkwater (fantastic musicians)  with Jon Carroll on a recent road trip.  Showing their love of coffee!!  I found this really funny!
Coffee on the Road

This one from Kasia, a bundle of energy, a foodie and coffee nut and lovely soul who wanted to do a little video and showcase our new roastery!
Things about Roasters

Another foodie and coffee nut visiting us from The Netherlands, watch his expression when we introduce him to a big, bold coffee.  Hilarious!
Dijon visits the Roastery

We even had some music sent to us from the lovely, talented Ceinwen to soothe me!
Monsoon Malabar Blues