Ugandan Kyondo
Ugandan Kyondo

A clean tasting, natural processed coffee with balanced acidity.  Sweet and fruity and slightly tropical


 A sweet, fruity coffee, slightly tropical.

Kyondo is a sub county in the central part of the Rwenzoris. Agri Evolve has been working directly with the coffee farmers here for 5 years helping them to improve the quality and volume of their coffee production. They have established a number of buying centres in this area to help the coffee farmers have easy access to their processing facilities and to obtain a top price for a high quality product.

Agri Evolve contibutes 40p for every kilo of green coffee sold to the following
Clean Water for local communities
Tree planting
Energy efficient stoves
Village savings and loans schemes
Other local community initiatives

Suits all brew methods.

Process Natural, hand picked and sun dried
Altitude 1600 - 2000 m
Harvest April
Varietal A mixture of older landrace varieties and SL14 and SL28