Ethiopian Dumerso Natural
Ethiopian Dumerso Natural

Medium bodied, berries, chocolate and floral. Natural/Dry process.

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When we last had this coffee, in 2019, it won 2 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards!

This coffee is from the Yirgacheffe district. The shade grown, ripe cherries are taken to the mill for careful sorting, as only the ripest cherries are used, they're then dried on raised beds in the sun for 12-15 days, while being raked and turned periodically, and covered during peak sun to stop sun damage, and also at night to protect from moisture.

This coffee suits all brew methods but it really does depend on your personal taste! 

For new customers that are not sure what a natural coffee is:

• Coffee beans are the seed of a fruit (coffee cherry).

• Processing refers to the method by which  the seeds are removed from the fruit.

The above coffee is natural processed (sometimes called dry processed) where the coffee beans are allowed to dry inside the fruit in the sunshine. The juicy pulp inside the fruit adds a sweet, fruity nature to the coffee beans as it dries.  An almost fermented flavour with some of them. This process can add extra body to the coffee and a slight boozy nature, but they are often quite unpredictable and flavour can vary from batch to batch. 

People call them Marmite coffees, love them or hate them.  I'm in the LOVE LOVE LOVE camp!

Process Natural
Altitude 1900 - 2100 m
Harvest October - January
Varietal Indigenous Heirloom
Region Yirgacheffe